Monday, July 15, 2024

Pakistani Family Sets Guinness World Record For Same Birthday

The Guinness World Record for “most family members born on the same day” has been set by a Pakistani family, whose nine members all have the same birthday on August 1.

Amir Azad Mangi and his Larkana-based family have broken the record formerly held by a five-person American family, which has been the Guinness World Record since 1966.

The record-holder family consists of Amir Azad Mangi, his wife Khadija, and their seven children, including two sets of twins.

Mr. Mangi was born on Aug. 1, 1968; his wife on Aug. 1, 1973; their first daughter Sindhu on Aug. 1, 1992; their twin daughters Sassi and Sapna on Aug. 1, 1998; their first son Amir on Aug. 1, 2001; their second son Ambar on Aug. 1, 2002; and their twin sons Amar and Ahmer on Aug. 1, 2003.  

It’s interesting that Mr. Mangi’s wedding anniversary also happens to fall on that day, making it a special occasion for the whole family.

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