Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pakistani Farmer Built Mini-Dam on His Own Over 6 Years in Chakwal

In Chakwal town, a hardworking farmer has built a small dam that’s helping his land and nearby villages with water. This special dam is in Bukhari Kalan, about 30 kilometers from Chakwal city. It’s amazing because the farmer spent six years working on it.

This mini dam is really big, covering 35 acres of land and costing about 4 crore rupees. It’s 15 feet deep. The dam collects rainwater and water from the river. It can water a big area of 200 acres, but for now, it’s taking care of 100 acres.

The farmer’s name is Chaudhry Irfan. He saw that there wasn’t enough water in the region and there were problems with getting water from the ground. He and his neighbors wanted to fix this.

So, they made the mini dam. This dam is making it possible to water the fields and change dry land into green fields.

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