Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pakistani Foundation to Build ‘Madani Home’ for Homeless Children

Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF), a non-profitable organization, will construct the first state-of-the-art shelter home for homeless children under its project named as ‘Madani Home’.

FGRF Executive Director, Muhammad Sharukh stated that the new initiative being built in North Karachi will not only give superior education to the unattended children, but it will also cover all the costs of lodging and other essentials of life.

Further, he added that the project’s three-dimensional (3D) model had been completed. He also said that the foundation stone will be laid soon after all the codal requirements were completed.

Muhammad Sharukh stated that children whose parents had died, who had no guardians, or who were suffering financial difficulties in providing for their proper upbringing will be given admission to the Madani Home.

He further added that, in addition to religious knowledge, children will be given modern education based on their inbuilt qualities and the goals of their parents or guardians.

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