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Pakistani Girl Living in Dubai to represent 2.1 Million Students in California

A Pakistani girl from Dubai has recently been elected as the vice president for finance of the student body that is for about 116 community colleges while representing about 2.1 million students in the California, USA.

Fiza Syed is a 17-year old girl who was born in Pakistan and is raised in Dubai; she was elected right after taking lead by over 10 votes in the online poll that happened last month as to receive her winning from 43 votes from about 76 delegates in total.

Fiza said that she aims to just “implement the reforms” in order to increase the funding for the basic needs of students that have only been worse by this pandemic.

She added that “Being a junior college understudy myself, I’ve run over a many individuals with worries that are not being heard. Particularly during the pandemic, steady issues, for example, lodging instability and food weakness have just been exacerbated. Subsequently, I’m regarded to address more than 2.1 million students on the state-wide level, to think of arrangements and carry out changes to expand subsidizing for their essential necessities as by raising funds for them or by helping them,.”

Fiza said she will pursue expanding the SSCCC financial plan like the budget by discovering givers or donors, facilitating pledge drives and “enhance the wellsprings of income like diversifying the source of basic revenue” to allot assets towards students occupations, payments and grants to help junior college students, “particularly in the present situation” of the pandemic.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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