Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pakistani Govt Increases Fee for Trophy Hunting Permit to Rs. 5.6 Million

The government of Pakistan has decided to sell the license to trophy hunters against a reserve fee of $25,000 (Over 5.6 Million) each.

The initiative came at a time when the Pakistani government has took a decision to allow trophy hunting of endangered urial deer from 15 December to 31 March .

However, the federal government would sell off trophy hunting license at the Punjab Wildlife Department’s Lahore office on 5 December , as per reports.

Whereas, the trophy hunters who are looking forward for a permits would have to deposit $5,000 as reserve fees while submitting their applications in order to be eligible to participate in the auction. However, permits would be issued to the highest bidders.

While in 2021, $18,000 was set as a reserve fees for trophy hunting of an urial deer.

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