Monday, October 2, 2023

Pakistani Lady Made World’s First Hand Stitched Holy Qur’an in 32 Years

World’s first ever hand-stitched Qur’an has been made by a Pakistani woman, Naseem Akhtar, who dedicated 32 years to achieve this milestone.

The hand-stitched Qur’an is made from cotton and weighs 60 kg. Naseem used gold embroidery to provide an appealing sight. The Qur’an cover has been made with silk border, which is replicated in each chapter.

According to Naseem Akhtar, she started this project which became her dream at a young age and despite all the hardships, she remained true to complete her goal. While appearing in an interview she explained how this project brought her contentment and fulfilment.

Naseem Akhtar has truly created a paragon reflecting her dedication for Islam and Quran. The achievement has been recognized and admired internationally.

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