Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pakistani Man Uses Solar Panels to Charge Mobiles Due to Electricity Shortage

In Sukkur, amidst Pakistan’s serious shortage of electricity and mounting circular debt issues, Wahab Tunio has come up with an inventive solution: he’s using solar panels to operate his mobile charging shop.

Located in Qureshi Goth, Tunio relies on solar energy to power his business of charging phones for Rs 20-30 each, which has become a crucial source of income for him. He emphasizes the importance of keeping solar panels affordable by urging the government not to impose taxes on them.

Pakistan’s electricity crisis has worsened due to unpaid bills owed to power supply companies, which could lead to potential blackouts in Karachi and other areas. In this challenging scenario, solar power emerges as a sustainable alternative to mitigate the effects of the crisis.

Tunio’s initiative not only highlights the practical use of renewable energy in everyday businesses but also underscores the potential of solar energy to provide reliable electricity solutions, particularly in areas facing severe energy shortages. His approach not only supports his own livelihood but also contributes to reducing the overall demand on the national electricity grid.

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