Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pakistani Mango Exporters Turn to Advanced Freezing Tech to Tap into Chines Market

Pakistani mango exporters want to sell more mangoes in China. They’re using new ways to make the mangoes last longer and taste better.Pakistani mangoes are famous for being tasty. But not many are sold outside of Pakistan. In 2022, only a tiny amount of mangoes were sent to China. One reason is that they don’t stay fresh for long. This makes it hard to send them far away.

To fix this, two Pakistani companies have come up with a way to freeze the mangoes. This freezing technology makes the mangoes last for up to a year and keeps them tasty. It also helps reduce the costs of sending them far away.

Fahim Azam, who works for a company in Pakistan, said that frozen mangoes are a smart solution. The freezing process only freezes the parts you can eat, so it’s more efficient and less expensive.

Another person, Sharafat Ali Anjum, explained how the freezing works. It takes only a few minutes to freeze the mangoes. This fast freezing helps keep the natural taste and smell of the mangoes.

Azam said this is an important time for Pakistan’s economy. He believes they need to take this opportunity to earn more money and help their country’s economy. This new way of using technology could bring success to Pakistani mangoes in China and help their economy grow.

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