Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistani Martial Artist Bodla Breaks his 14th Guinness World Record

Ahmad Amin Bodla, a top martial artist from Pakistan, achieved his 14th Guinness World Record by performing an impressive feat.

He did 534 one-leg push-ups while carrying 60 pounds on his back in just one hour. This broke the previous record of 300 push-ups.

This particular category was introduced by Guinness World Records in 2023, with a minimum target of 300 push-ups to set the record. Bodla far exceeded this target, nearly doubling it.

He currently holds the title for the world’s number one spot in three Guinness World Record categories: 355 kicks in one minute, 801 kicks in three minutes, and 6970 kicks in one hour. Over the past decade, Bodla has also secured 10 more Guinness World Records.

In a separate event, the Karbi community, an indigenous minority in northeast India, set a new global record for stilt-walking.

Hundreds of participants formed a line stretching an impressive 1.24 miles, breaking the record for the longest-moving queue of people walking on stilts.

This traditional sport, known as Kang Dong Dang, involves racing to a finish line on stilts made of bamboo. The participants walked on these stilts for ten minutes, as per the record book’s guidelines.

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