Monday, July 22, 2024

Pakistani Scientists Successfully Transfer Buffalo Embryo Using Chinese Protocols

Scientists at Islamabad’s National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) have achieved the first buffalo pregnancy using in-vitro embryo production, vitrification, and transfer technology.

The procedure involves creating embryos from superior breed buffalos, and implanting them into other types of buffalo.

Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), told the reporter that the success was achieved through the use of protocols developed by China’s Royal Group, and the project is a collaborative research project on Pakistan’s Nili Ravi buffalo breed. NARC is the agricultural research arm of  PARC.

According to Dr. Ali, this was the first time Pakistan conducted research on transferring buffalo embryos. He claims that not only will it help increase the population of high-quality buffalo breeds and milk production in Pakistan, but the embryos produced could also be exported. The Royal Cell created the in-vitro embryos, which were then implanted into the recipient buffalos by Pakistani scientists.

In May this year, Royal Cell established its first buffalo embryo production and research laboratory in Pakistan. According to an earlier report, Royal Cell and JW Group Pakistan are also in the process of forming a joint venture, Royal JW Buffalo Industry Co.

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