Monday, July 22, 2024

Pakistani Startup Stands Shoulder-to-Shoulder With World’s Leading Agencies As Their Fulfillment Partner!

With the rise of remote work during and after COVID-19, businesses realized they could efficiently work with remote freelancers and teams. Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and the Philippines have become major hubs for freelancers and remote professionals.

The rise in remote work has significantly boosted Pakistan’s IT exports, playing a crucial role in the country’s economy. Recent data shows that Pakistan’s IT exports surged by 37% year-on-year and 19% month-on-month, reaching $306 million in March 2024.

A Pakistani startup was born pre-pandemic, that was struggling to put their name out but Covid-19 changed everything for them.

It was Acutagramming. A Karachi based team of young professionals who are setting new records in the modern day Gen-Z marketing landscape by working shoulder to shoulder with world’s leading brands and agencies as their online marketing partner from Pakistan. Founded by visionary Mr. Saad Rajpoot back in March 2019.

Currently, Acutagramming is the marketing backbone for Abu Dhabi’s one of the biggest Family Office Summits that hosts a networking gathering of over $500 Billion AUM three times a year.

Acutagramming looks after all the production and marketing for the biggest English podcast in the Middle East.

Acutagramming has also helped some of the reputable brands like CONTRA New York which was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and was backed by Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street.

Saad Rajpoot’s says: “We are trying to get the young Pakistani talent out on the map. We are showing international brands that there are great teams in Pakistan who can be their marketing brain and these amazing talented individuals can lift their brands up!”

Video Production, Graphic Design & Branding, Web Design and Events agencies can use Acutagramming as their fulfillment/outsourcing partner from Pakistan.

Individual businesses in the industries like F&B, Finance, Fashion, Hospitality, Real Estate, HealthCare and Technology can use Acutagramming as their overseas marketing team.

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