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Pakistani Truck Art in Your Area! Exuberant, Bedazzled Pakistani Trucks Win Hearts in China

In Pakistan trucks are not just trucks. They can be art.

Everything about Pakistani trucks is exuberant and over-the-top. And now they make it to China.

The dazzle of truck art from Pakistan won the hearts of Chinese visitors by its beautiful and artsy look and the deeply rooted tradition behind it at a Pakistani Truck Art Debut Exhibition themed “Phool Patti: Jingle Journey” kicked off at Silk Road International Arts Center, Langfang, China on April 28.

“I like it!” A Chinese college student enjoying the art on site told the reporter. She learned that Pakistani trucks are more than just trucks. “These vibrant, bedazzled trucks are an expression of Pakistani people – they’re travelling billboards that convey messages to the world.”

“Somehow you can sense the drivers and the artists who decorate their vehicles,” she added, since this colourful tradition celebrates their culture and their way of life. “These moving, tangible pieces of art featured Pakistan’s unique identity did wow me.”

Co-organized by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Beijing, and Silk Road International Arts Center, the exhibition will last to July 24. As part of a cultural exchange project between both countries, the exhibition features a series of commissioned works and large-scale site-specific works, live events, along with educational programs.

“Our goal is to promote Pakistani Truck Art in China with our local audience, present the values and celebrate the shared human experience through the transformative power of art,” source from Silk Road International Arts Center noted, adding that they seek to uncover the full potential of digitizing Pakistani rich cultural heritage and foster a sense of community and connection.

Truck art is a sort of Pakistani folk art which represents the dreams, inspirations and imagination of the people and the artists. Ornate, colourful and vibrant expressions of ‘Truck Art’ are more than just a cultural heritage. With time passing by this sort of art is not just restricted to trucks anymore – it is now a popular and unique art of the world and has been used as a theme by many fashion designers for a wide range of products.

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