Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistani Veteran Actress Bushra Ansari Feels People Should Adopt Less Pets and More Children

Bushra Ansari, a talented artist known for her diverse skills, often shares snippets of her daily life through vlogs, intending to impart valuable lessons to her viewers.

In a recent vlog, she shared a heartfelt message aimed at pet lovers. Bushra Ansari advised people who own pets to consider having only one or two instead of a large number. She recounted a story about a family with 29 pets, highlighting the significant expenses involved in caring for them.

She suggested that instead of spreading resources thin across numerous pets, it’s better to focus on providing excellent care for one or two. Additionally, she encouraged viewers to think about adopting pets or redirecting their resources towards supporting children’s well-being.

Ansari also mentioned individuals like Hadiqa Kiani, who have adopted children and provided them with a nurturing and loving environment, showcasing the impact of such actions on society.

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