Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistanis now Eligible for E-Residency Program of Ukraine: Here are the Benefits

In an exciting development, Ukraine has introduced new rules that allow businessmen from Pakistan and other countries to become e-residents. This means they can register as entrepreneurs in Ukraine, manage their businesses remotely, and pay taxes online.

The Ukrainian government aims to attract international entrepreneurs and create a hub for innovation. The e-residency program is currently being tested and will be fully launched soon. However, it’s important to note that e-residents will not be able to provide services to Ukrainian citizens and certain countries, like Russia and Belarus, are not eligible for e-residency.

The target audience for Ukrainian e-residency includes countries known for outsourcing IT services. The program has specific tax regulations, with e-residents paying a percentage of their income based on the type of business activity. The National Bank of Ukraine has also allowed e-residents to open bank accounts. The e-residency initiative has been in progress since 2019 as part of Ukraine’s efforts to offer a special status to foreign citizens.

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