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Pakistan’s biggest Industry-led gaming event, Game Rev 2022 Successfully Concluded with Epic Day

Pakistan’s biggest Industry-led gaming event, Game Rev 2022, powered by Mountain Dew comes to a successful conclusion after an epic day full of workshops, Tekken tournament, networking, Game Jam and a fireside chat with the top minds of the industry & academia.

Game Rev is a brainchild of GameTrain, an IT accelerator which aims to revolutionize the Gaming sector and the IT industry, by bringing together industry leaders, academics, students, developers and esports players to highlight Gaming as a career and a way of life. Being a flagship event of the sector, Game Train along-with its partners designed a series of activities to create awareness and celebrate the fast-paced growth of the Gaming Industry in Pakistan.

Game Rev launched on the 1st April, 2022 at Beaconhouse National University, and was attended by 3000+ participants. Starting off with a dynamic workshop on Game Design and Blockchain Development, along with a seminar of Work Culture in Gaming Studios, participants were then subsequently led to a Fireside Chat between Industry Leaders & Academics, at the same time game enthusiasts took part in a thrilling Tekken tournament.

The event had a dedicated networking lounge for industry leaders and senior professionals from 80+ companies, along-with valued guests and the proceedings of the event were closed by an electrifying performance by one of the biggest EDM artists in the nation, SomeWhatSuper.

Being an industry-led event, the workshop on Game Design was led by CEO of FRAG Games, Ali Ihsan, he stated: “FRAG wishes to support the games ecosystem, we strongly believe that #ApeStrongTogether!”

The concert and Tekken competition, organized by Game Train, was sponsored by an emerging Mobile Games Leader with 500+ Million Games Downloads, Game District. Saad Hameed, CEO of Game District, stated: “We feel that we need to be anywhere where we can see an opportunity to push the game development community forward, and we trust the team to do so. We feel that game rev is a breath of fresh air for the business and for young people looking to advance their careers.”

Game Rev also featured the prize distribution for the Game Jam Championship Winners. The United States Consulate General, Mr. William K. Makaneole distributed cash prizes to winners of Game Train’s largest Game Jam Championship, sponsored by Unity & Generation Pakistan. On this occasion, Gauher Aftab, CEO of Generation Pakistan (Foundation for Youth Employment Pakistan), said “The energy and passion at this Game Rev has been beyond our expectations which goes to show the potential of events such as this to bring a new generation of students into game development and to highlight one of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan which has a high demand for talent every year!”

Following the conclusion of Game Rev 2022 powered by Mountain Dew, Masooma Zeeshan CEO and Co-Founder of Game Train, said: “I am speechless about the huge turnout. The passion of the gaming enthusiasts was exceptional and we wish to continue hosting such revolutionizing events in the future.”

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