Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pakistan’s Default Risk Probability Stands at Only 10%, says Ishaq Dar

Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue stated recently that Bloomberg has set Pakistan’s 1 year probability of being non payment at a low of 10%.

The finance minister stated in a tweet that the probability of being defaulted was quite highly doubtful with 93% as circulated by an reprobate local political leaders a few days back.

Ishaq Dar also shared the graph of Bloomberg’s Estimated Default Probability in Emerging Markets (One-year probability of default).

Dear said that it would be an honour for Pakistan to continue its financial commitments on time.

“Bloomberg pitches Pakistan’s one-year probability of default at a low of 10% as opposed to a highly dubious number of 93% circulated by an unscrupulous local political leader a few days ago. Pakistan will inshaAllah continue to honour its all financial commitments on time!” he tweeted.

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