Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pakistan’s Delivery Service Startup ‘Cheetay’ on Brink of Shutting Down

Several startups in Pakistan are currently grappling with significant challenges, with some even contemplating the possibility of shutting down or making substantial staff cuts due to financial difficulties. One notable example is Cheetay, a delivery service startup, which is reportedly teetering on the edge of permanent closure.

Another startup, Dastgyr, an eCommerce marketplace focusing on business-to-business transactions, is also facing hurdles and has already taken steps to reduce its workforce. YAP, operating as an electronic money institution (EMI) in the fintech sector, has gone through the distressing process of laying off a considerable number of its employees in Pakistan. Additionally, YAP is navigating uncertainties related to its in-principle approval for an EMI license.

Paymob, a financial technology company, is currently in the midst of a significant rightsizing effort to ensure sustainability in the face of funding constraints. These challenges collectively highlight the demanding business environment that startups in Pakistan are currently experiencing.

The difficulties faced by these startups underscore the broader issues and uncertainties that the startup ecosystem in the country is navigating. It sheds light on the importance of addressing financial constraints and creating a conducive environment for the growth and sustainability of startups, ultimately contributing to the overall economic landscape in Pakistan.

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