Thursday, December 7, 2023

Pakistan’s Ex-Army Chief Raheel Sharif Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Raheel Sharif, received a special award for his lifetime achievements. He was given this award at a ceremony held at Government College University in Lahore.

The award was given to General Sharif by the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi. During the event, General Sharif talked to students and talked about the values of Character, Courage, and Competence.

General Sharif, who was also the first leader of the Islamic military alliance, shared stories from his life, including his family’s history, and talked about important moments. He also honored his older brother, Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, who was a brave person in the armed forces and received awards for his bravery.

At the event, students and others who were there also talked about how much they admire General Raheel Sharif. This award ceremony was a way to celebrate his important contributions and the impact he has had on Pakistan’s history and security.

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