Friday, May 17, 2024

Pakistan’s icube Qamar Set to Reach Moon Orbit Today

Today marks a significant milestone for Pakistan’s space exploration efforts as their satellite, iCube Qamar, is poised to enter the moon’s orbit. This achievement underscores the nation’s commitment to advancing in space technology.

Launched on May 3, iCube Qamar is scheduled to begin its orbit around the moon on May 8, initiating a series of verification processes thereafter. The anticipation is high for the reception of the satellite’s inaugural image of the moon, expected between May 15 and 16.

Over the course of approximately a week, the satellite’s subsystems will undergo rigorous testing while in orbit to ensure optimal performance. This period of testing is crucial in validating the functionality and efficiency of iCube Qamar’s components.

Pakistan’s successful entrance into the moon’s orbit with iCube Qamar highlights the country’s progress in space technology and signifies its commitment to contributing to scientific advancements on a global scale.

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