Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistan’s Karakoram Highway is the World’s Highest Paved Road and the Eighth Wonder of the World

The Karakoram Highway spanning 800 kilometers, is the 8th wonder of the World. The highway is the highest paved road with an elevation of 4,714 meters showcasing stunning views alongside. Your journey through the Karakoram Highway will undoubtedly be the best long-drive experience.

This northern highway beholds awe-inspiring beauty of nature as well as the local culture with their distinctive histories and values. There are numerous challenging routes on the highway including landslides, rockfalls, as well as extremely narrow sections, however, Karakoram Highway is an important means of transportation and trade.

All the travel enthusiasts deciding to visit Karakoram Highway should expect different terrains on the way from never-ending deserts to snow-capped mountains and beautiful valleys. The weather at elevated spots is highly cold, people traveling to elevations must prepare accordingly. Karakoram Highway is the biggest hallmarks of Pakistan providing an unparalleled experience.

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