Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistan’s Rashid Naseem sets new world record for India

Rashid Naseem, a Pakistani martial artist, smashed yet another Indian record by shattering the most walnuts with his elbow. Rashid reportedly claimed his walnut-crushing record once more, according to reports. He crushed 315 walnuts in one minute this time.

Rashid previously achieved a world record by crushing 195 walnuts in one minute. However, Indian martial artist Prabhakar Reddy later set a new world record by breaking 229 walnuts in a minute.

Rashid afterwards broke Reddy’s record by crushing 256 times in a minute. However, Reddy’s student Sajeet Kumar recaptured the record by crushing 279 walnuts in January 2021.

The Pakistani martial artist faced the Indian martial artists once more today and recovered his position with 315 crushing.

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