Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pakistan’s Wheelchair Cricket Team Wins Asian Championship for Second Consecutive Time

Pakistan’s wheelchair cricket team has achieved an impressive milestone by winning the Asian Championship for the second year in a row. To celebrate this significant accomplishment, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Mohsin Naqvi, extended a special invitation to the team and its representatives for a meeting at the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium.

The delegation that met with Chairman Naqvi included the team captain Muhammad Zeeshan, player Imran Arain, Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket Council Chairperson Rukhsana Rajput, as well as Syed Arsalan Ahmed, Moazzam Nawaz, and Muhammad Fayaz. This meeting was held to acknowledge and celebrate the team’s remarkable success.

Mohsin Naqvi expressed his joy and pride over the wheelchair cricket team’s achievement. He stated, “I am delighted with the wheelchair cricket team’s achievement. The PCB will continue to support the team. We hope they will continue to win tournaments and bring fame to Pakistan.”

He emphasized the importance of the team’s success and assured them of continued support from the PCB. Naqvi also highlighted the team’s role in bringing recognition and honor to Pakistan through their dedication and skill.

During the meeting, Chairman Naqvi congratulated the players on their outstanding performance and their championship win. He praised their hard work, determination, and the spirit they have shown in the sport. To honor their achievement, he presented the team with a cheque for 1.5 million rupees as a token of appreciation and encouragement.

The victory of Pakistan’s wheelchair cricket team not only reflects their talent and hard work but also the support and encouragement from organizations like the PCB. This meeting and the recognition from Chairman Naqvi underscore the importance of inclusivity and the significant impact that differently-abled athletes can have in sports. The team’s consecutive wins in the Asian Championship stand as a testament to their dedication and the bright future ahead for wheelchair cricket in Pakistan.

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