Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Passport Issuance Suspended Across Pakistan Due to Technical Fault

The passport issuance process in Pakistan encountered a significant disruption when the system linked to the NADRA database experienced an abrupt technical failure. This unforeseen glitch resulted in the suspension of passport issuance operations nationwide, leaving applicants in limbo as the system was unable to access and process their information.

Fortunately, IT experts swiftly addressed the issue, successfully reconnecting the suspended system with the NADRA database, which allowed passport services to resume across the country. In addition to this technical hiccup, the official delivery time for regular passport applications was recently revised.

It has been extended to a maximum of 21 working days, a notable increase from the previous 10-day processing period. These changes reflect adjustments in the passport processing schedule, and applicants should be prepared for a potentially longer wait for their passports due to these modifications.

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