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Passport Office Karachi – Locations, Timings, Helpline And Other Details

The tourism facility in Pakistan has increased. People are travelling within Pakistan instead of abroad because of the Covid situation. So, if you plan to travel overseas or within Pakistan, you must get your travelling checklist ready. The primary thing on the list must be a passport. A passport is a part of your identity outside of your nation’s state of origin. Without a visa, people cannot travel abroad or go anywhere.

For instance, if an individual wants to travel abroad or within their country, they must visit passport offices in Karachi to get their passport renewed or make a new one. This article here will tell you about the list of all passport offices in Karachi so that you can go to that office near your place. This article will also mention all the documents you need to make a passport and passport office helpline number, Karachi.

Requirements Of Passport Application

Your tour to the passport office is a waste if you don’t have all the essential official papers required. The official documents an individual needs for issuance with minors and adults and passport renewal are not the same.

For Adults

Adults come in the age bracket of above 18 years. People above 18 years of age are required to submit the following documents:

  • Bank receipt of the fee payment
  • Original CNIC or NICO
  • Two photocopies of CNIC or nicop
  • If you have any dual nationality, you would require a Foreign passport and its copy
  • NOC ( No Objection Certificate for government employees)

For Renewal

People who want to get their passport renewed need to list the below documents.

  • Old passport and its copy
  • Receipt pf the bank for the renewal of fee deposit
  • Original CNIC or CRC ( for minors)

For Minors

Minors come in the age bracket who are below 18 years of age. These individuals will need to have the following documents for their passports.

  • Two photocopies of parents’ CNIC
  • 2 Photocopies of birth certificate
  • Bank receipt for the fee deposit
  • If you have any dual nationality, you would require a Foreign passport and its copy
  • CRC (child registration certificate)

Location of passport offices in Karachi

Location of passport offices in Karachi

Below is the list of passport offices in Karachi according to the list allotted by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports.

Karachi -1

Region: West, Central and South

Karachi West comprises Lyari Town, Baldia Town, Kemari Town, Orangi Town and the SITE area. Meanwhile, Liaquatabad Town, Heydri, North Nazimabad, Rizvia Society, Buffer Zone and Sakhi Hassan.

Address: Shahrah-e-Iraq Frere Police Station Road, next to a mosque, Artillery Maidan Karachi

Phone Number: 021-9203092-3


Region: East. Pechs and Gulshan–e- Iqbal are the two most well known neighbouring locations In the East District of the Karachi city.

Address: Awami Markaz 1st floor, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Phone number: 021-9203091

Nadra Executive Passport Office Karachi

Address: Marine Promenade, Block 3, Clifton, Karachi

The public living in Clifton and the neighboring zones can easily have an entrance in the executive passport office.

Regional Passport Office MALIR

Address: Begum Khursheed Road, Darakhshan Cooperative Housing Society, Kala Board, Karachi

Phone number: 021-99248163

Important Points To Consider

Important Points To Consider

Before visiting these passport offices in Karachi for the passport. You need to consider the following points:

  • Persons applying for their passport for the first time need to visit the Regional Passport Office according to the authority their everlasting or else provisional address according to the CNIC
  • Individuals applying for the renewal of their passport can visit the Regional Passport Offices in Pakistan according to the authority of their address in the CNIC, which is not permanent. In this case, the person needs to present the complete address that Gazetted Officer attests.
  • Defense force workers, legislators, management helps and semi-government workers, along with their significant other, youngsters as well as in need of fathers and mothers, can apply for a passport irrespective of the dominion
  • Family members similarly have an alternative to applying for a passport from the Regional passport administrative center in whose jurisdiction the documented address of the significant other.
  • Individuals can call the inquiry number for passport workplaces for additional data.

Passport Office Karachi Timings

Passport Office Karachi Timings

The timings for the passport office of Karachi are:

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM to 12:30 M

These timings can vary according to the direction of Directorate General Immigration and Passports.

The Procedure Of Passport Application

After gathering all the documents, the application process is simple and easy. It is as follows.

  • Step 1: Submit the passport renewal payment or the passport challan payment. After submitting the fee, the passport form taken from the client service department
  • Step 2: now go to the token counter when the token issues along with a picture taken
  • Step 3: the next stage is to give the fingerprint, a digital profile comes on screen.
  • Step 4: at the same counter, individuals will need to fill in their data.
  • Step 5: The workers will verify the profile and cross-check with the ECL ( Exit Control Lis) and BL ( Black List)
  • Step 6: After this step, the Assistant Director of the regional passport office will take the interview. After the discussion, the person will get a tracking number.
  • Passport for minors validity is for five years only
  • Charges of the passport are different according to their urgency, validity and the number of pages in the passport

Pakistan Passport Office Launches IVR Helpline Number

Fee System For Passport For 10 Years Validity

The minimum passport office Karachi fees is 3,000rs

Category Number Of Pages Price ( PKR)
Normal 36 5,400
Urgent 36 9,000
Normal 72 9,000
Urgent 72 16,200
Normal 100 10,800
Urgent 100 21,600

Fee System For Passport For 5 Years Validity

Category Number Of Pages Price ( PKR)
Normal 36 3,000
Urgent 36 5,000
Normal 72 5,500
Urgent 72 9,000
Normal 100 6,000
Urgent 100 12,000

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