Tuesday, April 23, 2024

PCB Releases New Promotional Video Featuring Imran Khan

To celebrate Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made a video and shared it on social media. The video showed important moments when the Pakistan cricket team won. But people got upset because they didn’t see Imran Khan, who was a very important part of the team that won the 1992 World Cup.

People who like Imran Khan said the video was unfair. The PCB listened to this and made changes. They fixed the video and put it back online. Now, the new video shows Imran Khan’s big role in winning the 1992 World Cup.

They also added more things to the video. They showed when Misbah ul Haq’s team did well in a type of cricket called Test matches in 2016. This was a big achievement for Pakistan.

The video also talks about the Pakistan women’s cricket team. They did really well in the Asian Games, and the video shows their success and how important they are in cricket.

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