Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Peshawar to be Declared Loadshedding-Free Soon

The provincial task force in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is actively working towards achieving the status of a load shedding-free model district for the provincial capital. This significant development was highlighted by Mohammad Abid Majeed, the Additional Chief Secretary Home and Tribal Affairs, during the 7th meeting of the provincial task force.

The primary objective of this task force is twofold: to recover outstanding dues from electricity consumers in the province and to curb the misuse of electricity. Majeed shared that the imminent declaration of certain feeders as load shedding-free is a result of the successful elimination of defaulting consumers and the prevention of illegal electricity usage in those areas.

The task force has made substantial progress in a relatively short span of three months. During this period, it has achieved a recovery of over Rs7.74 billion, emphasizing a proactive approach in dealing with defaulters. Additionally, fines totaling more than Rs40 million have been imposed, indicating a stringent stance against those violating electricity usage regulations.

The task force has been conducting joint operations with teams from Pesco, district administration, and the police across the province. These operations involve extensive raids, resulting in the disconnection of hundreds of illegal electricity connections. The rigorous efforts of the task force are reflected in the fact that over 20,000 cases have been registered against offenders, and a substantial 924 individuals have been arrested for their involvement in unauthorized electricity consumption.

The initiative to declare certain areas as load shedding-free not only showcases the success of the task force’s endeavors but also aims to set a positive example for efficient electricity management. This ambitious goal aligns with the broader vision of improving the electricity infrastructure and ensuring responsible usage, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and reliable energy landscape in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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