Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Petroleum Dealers Threatens to Shut Down Petrol Pumps Across Pakistan Over Profit Margin

Petroleum dealers in Pakistan are upset with the government because it didn’t keep its promise to increase their profits. They wanted more money for their services, and the government agreed to it in writing, but it hasn’t happened.

Abdul Sami Khan, who leads the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, is frustrated because the government missed the September 1 deadline. He said that running their filling stations with the current profit margin is tough because costs are going up.

He’s warning that they might have to shut down their stations if the government doesn’t do something about this issue. Back in July, these dealers had planned to close their stations as a protest, but they decided not to after getting reassurances from the State Minister for Petroleum at that time, Musadik Malik.

However, since the problem hasn’t been solved, they are now talking about shutting down again. Initially, they wanted their profit margin to be 5%, which would be equal to Rs12 per liter at the current fuel prices.

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