Monday, March 4, 2024

Photo of Kangaroo Playing an Air Guitar has Won the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award

In the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2023, a standout moment emerged when a kangaroo engaged in a humorous pose, playing an imaginary guitar in mid-air.

This entertaining photograph, titled “Air Guitar Roo,” became the overall winner of the competition. The awards, announced on a Wednesday, showcased a collection of amusing images and videos submitted by both professional and amateur photographers from around the globe.

The competition attracted entries from 1,842 participants representing 85 different countries, resulting in thousands of images for the judges to review.

Out of this diverse pool, six category winners were selected. The winning photograph by Jason Moore not only claimed the top spot in the overall competition but also triumphed in the Creatures of the Land category.

The event organizers expressed that the submissions were not only funny but also served as a delightful way to appreciate and marvel at the incredible diversity of wildlife that inhabits our planet. The chosen images, capturing lighthearted and amusing moments in the animal kingdom, promise to evoke laughter and wonder among viewers.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrated the lighter side of nature, highlighting the endearing and comical aspects of the wildlife we coexist with. Jason Moore’s “Air Guitar Roo” became a symbol of this lighthearted spirit, earning recognition as the most captivating and humorous wildlife photograph of the year.

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