Sunday, July 14, 2024

PIA Flight to Toronto Makes Emergency Landing in Oslo

According to reports, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft from Karachi to Toronto had to land in Oslo Airport in Norway due to a medical issue.

Details indicate that owing to low blood pressure and unconsciousness, passenger Syed Javed’s condition on aircraft PK 783 worsened, necessitating rapid medical attention.

First aid was given to the passenger by three of the flight’s physicians, but when things didn’t improve, everyone agreed that an emergency ought to be declared.

The pilot phoned for an ambulance after requesting permission to land the aircraft due to a medical emergency at Oslo Airport.

The passenger’s life was spared when he was transported to the hospital for comprehensive medical care after landing.

Due to the night curfew, the PIA plane’s return journey from Toronto to Islamabad would now operate with a 13-hour delay, the official stated.

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