Wednesday, February 21, 2024

PIA Forced to Withdraw “Mandatory Undergarments” for Cabin Crew

After suffering huge criticism from the Public, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) issued a clarification on Friday overuse of inappropriate language in a statement on the dress code for the cabin crew and flight attendants.

Earlier, PIA management advised the cabin crew to dress properly and strictly follow guidelines. They also mentioned that they should wear undergarments, while the language they used to inform was not so good. People immensely criticized PIA management for the way they informed.

“Despite the fact that the spirit behind the advisory was to ensure proper dress code, however, the standard bulletin, inadvertently, came out with an inappropriate selection of words,” the chief human resource officer said in a written clarification.

“I personally feel regretful and I am fully convinced that the words could have been more civilized and appropriate instead of words published, which, unfortunately, are being trolled and twisted towards the defamation of the company,” he wrote.

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