Friday, September 22, 2023

Pilot of Plane Carrying 250+ Passengers Died

During a flight from Miami, USA, to Santiago, Chile, something very sad happened. The pilot, Captain Ivan Andaur, suddenly got very sick while the plane was in the air. The plane had 271 passengers on it. Because of this, the other flight crew had to act quickly and do an emergency landing in Panama.

This bad thing happened about three hours after the flight started. The plane was really high up in the sky, at 37,000 feet. Captain Andaur started feeling unwell and went out of the cockpit of the plane to use the restroom. Unfortunately, he fell down and got very sick in the restroom.

Because of what happened to Captain Andaur, two co-pilots had to take charge of the plane. They were able to steer the plane to an airport in Panama City called Tocumen International Airport (PTY). When the plane landed, doctors came on the plane to try to help Captain Andaur, but he had passed away.

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