Friday, September 22, 2023

Pilot Surprises His Mother by Taking Her on Hajj on His First Flight

A heartwarming video showing an Egyptian pilot welcoming his mother aboard a plane heading to Saudi Arabia has gone viral on social media, touching the hearts of many online users. The mother was traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, and as she entered the aircraft, she was surprised and filled with joy upon seeing her son on the plane.

The video captured multiple crew members warmly greeting the mother and guiding her to her seat with gentle gestures.
According to media reports, Abdullah Muhammad Bahi, a co-pilot with EgyptAir, had planned this delightful surprise. That morning, he had taken his mother to the airport, telling her that he was flying a plane to Kuwait. He also coordinated with his colleagues to film the video, intending to share it on social media later.

The caption accompanying the video expressed the pilot’s gratitude towards his mother, stating, “She dedicated her entire life to us… her only dream was to fly with me one day.” He also expressed his appreciation for his “amazing crew.”

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