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Pioneering Change- Murtaza Jafry’s MUN Initiative in Pakistan Redefines Education Across the Nation

A decade ago, Murtaza Jafry embarked on a personal research journey to understand the shortcomings of Pakistan’s education system. He sought to uncover why Pakistani students were not excelling at international levels, despite their potential. Through his research, he identified some major areas that are vastly unexplored but greatly essential as life skills: critical thinking, research, and communication skills. This discovery ignited a drive within him to revolutionise the education landscape in Pakistan. The journey of understanding how to break through and teach all of these skills began with a thought – how do we, as educators, ensure learners gain autonomy and take charge of their own learning to become responsible, literate, and conscientious individuals?

“From an early age, I’ve been driven by the belief that education holds the key to shaping not just individual futures but entire societies,” claims Murtaza Jafry. “Yet, amidst the vast landscape of subjects, I found myself drawn to a singular mission: to catalyze tangible change in students’ thinking patterns.”

Murtaza believed that learning wasn’t confined to the classroom, and that students needed to be exposed to real-world issues and challenges. He saw the importance of teaching research skills, enabling students to explore and analyze complex problems, and speaking skills, empowering them to articulate their ideas confidently. He also recognized the value of encouraging students to propose their own ideas and solutions, fostering innovation and creativity.

“In my journey, I’ve sought to decolonize our education system, challenging conventional paradigms and encouraging students to think critically,” says Murtaza Jafry. “It’s not about imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering a culture of inquiry where students become architects of their own understanding.”

He further insists, “I’ve always believed that true success lies in the transformation of minds. When students engage deeply, when their ideas are presented on global platforms like the UN and emerge victorious, it’s more than just a win—it’s a testament to the power of education to shape ideologies and inspire leadership.’

With this vision, Murtaza introduced Model United Nations (MUNs) in Pakistan, independently pioneering this program in the country. He faced challenges while pushing the idea through. Nonetheless, his dedication and passion drove him forward, and he was able to break the barrier of teaching through conventional, old school methodologies by introducing a programme which students actually look forward to learning. 

Murtaza Jafry realises the change in the world of education and mentions, “In a world where the specter of AI looms large, I see education as the ultimate safeguard, empowering students to confront complex challenges and innovate solutions. Because in the end, it’s not just about what students learn; it’s about what they create, what they imagine, and how they lead.”

Through his tireless efforts, Murtaza successfully launched his own MUN based institution, Team MJ, and has become the only independent trainer in Pakistan. He now takes students and travels to  international conferences held at prestigious universities such as Yale, Oxford, Harvard, and also the UN Headquarters itself, achieving remarkable success. His students have consistently excelled, winning numerous awards and outperforming international peers by earning top honours such as Best Delegates, which attests to the success of his teaching approach.

“My journey in teaching MUN isn’t just about preparing students for conferences; it’s about igniting a spark within them, fueling their passion for knowledge and their drive to make a difference. And in their journey, I too continue to learn, to evolve, and to believe in the transformative power of education,” says the man in action.

Murtaza’s story is a testament to the power of innovation and dedication, revolutionising the world of education one idea at a time. He continues to inspire, enlighten, and empower students, equipping them with the skills and confidence to make a positive impact in the world. His work has created a ripple effect not only at an individual level, but also on some of the greatest and distinguished institutions in Pakistan, inspiring others to adopt a more holistic approach to education.

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