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Pioneers in Digitization of Petroleum Industry Using Gorex Fuel Wallet

Gorex Pakistan Chapter, a leading Saudi-based company, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Pakistan to introduce innovative fuel card services tailored for large corporate and multinational companies. To mark this significant milestone, Gorex Pakistan recently hosted a prominent event at the Avari Hotel, titled “Safety with Digitization in the Petroleum Industry using Artificial Intelligence (AI). An MOU has been signed between OMAP and Gorex Pakistan for the digitization of Pakistan’s petroleum industry. The seminar focused on modernizing safety measures within the petroleum industry to prevent accidents, featuring esteemed guests such as the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Masroor Ahmad, and representatives from all 46 oil companies in Pakistan. Gorex Pakistan and OMAP are official partners working to digitize Pakistan’s petroleum industry with innovative smart card solutions.

During the event, Gorex Pakistan launched its initiatives in artificial intelligence aimed at revolutionizing safety standards in the fuel sector. The seminar featured insightful presentations and discussions on the role of AI in enhancing industry practices. Chairman OGRA Masroor Ahmad, in his address, highlighted the critical importance of AI in accident prevention, noting that AI technology ensures incidents are not even reported within premises. He also emphasized OGRA’s commitment over the past three years to improving industry regulations, including eliminating penalties for oil marketing companies.

Key industry figures such as Chairman Gorex Pakistan Asim Jamill, Chairman OGRA Masroor Khan, Senior Executive Director OGRA Atif Sajjad, Senior Executive Director OGRA Imtiz Gjaznvi,Senior Executive Director OGRA Muazam Hussain, Senior Executive Director OGRA Shahzad Iqbal, Senior Executive Director OGRA Abdul Rab Khan, Member Finance OGRA Naeem Ghauri, Sr. Executive Director OGRA Sarmad Aslam, Sr. Executive Director OGRA Sohail Ahmad Tariq, Sr. Executive Director OGRA Ejaz Suddle, Joint Executive Director OGRA Jawad Jamil, Joint Executive Director OGRA Jehanzeb Anwar, Joint Executive Director OGRA Ishtiaq Ahmad, Joint Executive Director OGRA Rahil Pitafi, Joint Executive Director OGRA Usman Saif, Joint Executive Director OGRA Zeeshan Majeed , Deputy Executive Director OGRA Sallar Naveed, Chairman OMAP Tariq Wazir Ali, Senior Vice Chairman Tariq Mahmood also attended the event. Asim Jamil, Chairman Gorex Pakistan, presented the new tech system, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize the industry. “Our solution empowers individuals and organizations in the Oil & Gas sector through cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights,” he stated.

Gorex Pakistan’s innovative solution promises to bring a paradigm shift, enabling companies to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and improve overall performance in the Oil & Gas industry. With this breakthrough, Gorex Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to driving digital transformation in Pakistan’s tech sector. The seminar began with a welcome address by Chairman OGRA, Masroor Ahmad, who stressed the importance of AI in the petroleum industry. He highlighted how the adoption of AI can lead to significant improvements in safety and efficiency, ensuring that incidents are minimized or entirely prevented.

Chairman OGRA, Masroor Ahmad, emphasized OGRA’s ongoing efforts to enhance industry regulations, which have included eliminating penalties for oil marketing companies over the past three years. This initiative has been part of a broader strategy to foster a more supportive regulatory environment for the industry.

Asim Jamil, Chairman Gorex Pakistan, showcased the company’s new tech system designed to empower the Oil & Gas sector. He explained how the system utilizes data-driven insights to enable companies to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and enhance overall performance. “Our solution is poised to revolutionize the industry by providing actionable intelligence and fostering a culture of safety and efficiency,” said Asim Jamil.

Gorex Commits to Digital Transformation

Gorex’s entry into Pakistan marks a significant step in the company’s mission to drive digital transformation in the region’s tech sector. The innovative fuel card services introduced by Gorex Pakistan are expected to set new standards in fuel management, providing large corporate and multinational companies with unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and cost savings.

Gorex Pakistan’s fuel cards are designed to offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including real-time tracking, detailed reporting, and advanced security features.

These benefits are intended to streamline fuel management processes, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall business performance.

The event garnered extensive media coverage from major channels such as GEO, ARY, and other big new channels highlighting the importance and potential impact of Gorex Pakistan’s initiatives. This media attention underscores the industry’s interest in and support for the advancements presented by Gorex Pakistan.

As Gorex continues to expand its presence in Pakistan, the company is planning a series of marketing campaigns to further promote its innovative fuel card services. These efforts aim to engage with key stakeholders, raise awareness about the benefits of AI-driven solutions, and drive adoption within the industry.

Gorex Pakistan invites interested parties to learn more about its initiatives and join in the journey towards a safer, more efficient, and digitally advanced petroleum industry.

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