Sunday, April 14, 2024

PKR 5 Million Donated to Gà-zà Relief Fund Through PSL 9

Islamabad United, the champions of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9, waved their flags during a victory lap around the stadium to show their support for the Pàles-tìnìàns. The team’s gesture drew loud cheers and pro-Pàles-tìne  slogans from the crowd.

In addition to the symbolic gesture, Islamabad United also donated PKR 5 million to the Gà-zà Relief Fund to support the Pàles-tìnìàns affected by the recent violence in the region.

The team’s captain, Shadab Khan, said that the players wanted to help the Pàles-tìnìàns in need and urged others to contribute to the cause as well. Islamabad United’s actions demonstrated that sports can be a powerful tool to promote social justice and raise awareness about important issues.

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