Thursday, June 1, 2023

Planning to leave Pakistan? Social Influencer ‘Saqib Azhar’ Gives Pakistanis a Reality Check

Renowned social influencer Saqib Azhar has recently given a reality check to Pakistanis who have aspirations of leaving the country with the belief that life abroad will be filled with luxury and comfort.

In a tweet, he emphasized that those who plan to migrate by thinking they will indulge in extravagance overseas will eventually find themselves longing to return to Pakistan, promising to lead a lavish lifestyle upon their homecoming.

Saqib Azhar’s tweet serves as a reminder to individuals who perceive life abroad as a pathway to instant prosperity. He highlights the reality that the grass may not always be greener on the other side and cautions against building unrealistic expectations.

According to Azhar, the longing for Pakistan’s familiar surroundings and connections, combined with a desire to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, often lead individuals to plan their return to their home country once they have accumulated enough savings abroad. This message encourages a grounded perspective on migration and promotes a deeper appreciation for one’s homeland.

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