Tuesday, April 23, 2024

PM Commends Exporters for Beating Export Growth in India and Bangladesh

On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan gathered on Twitter to congratulate the Ministry of Commerce while sharing regional export patterns.He wrote, “I have received the regional export trends and this shows that, compared to our exports, the exports of India and Bangladesh for Nov/Dec 2020 showed negative growth.”He added, “I wish once more to congratulate the exporters and therefore the Ministry of Commerce for this achievement.”

According to the Ministry of Commerce image that the PM shared, Pakistan’s exports grew by 8.32 percent in November 2020 and quite doubled in growth by December 2020 showing an 18.30 percent increase in exports. These figures show a rise compared to the corresponding months last year, respectively.

As compared to the present , Bangladesh posted a growth of 0.76 percent in exports for November 2020 and a decline of 6.11 percent in December 2020. For an equivalent period, India’s exports fell by 9.07 percent in November and by 0.80 percent in December 2020.According to provisional data shared by PM’s Commerce Adviser Abdul Raza Dawood, Pakistan’s exports for the month of December 2020 had grown by 18.3 percent to $2.357 billion as compared to $1.993 billion in December 2019.

He said that this was the highest export ever in December, adding, “Our exports increased by 4.9 percent to USD 12.104 billion for the period July-December 2020, compared to USD 11.533 billion in the corresponding period last year.”

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