Sunday, April 21, 2024

PM Imran Khan Announces Development Package for Sindh Worth Rs.446 Billion

During his day-long visit to Sukkur, Prime Minister Imran Khan announces a historic development package worth Rs.446 billion for Sindh province.

The package includes the construction of the Nai Gaj dam, which will help irrigate 28800 acres of land, as well as the construction of the Sukkur-Hyderabad motorway, which will be 306 kilometers long. A total of 200 thousand acres of land will be rehabilitated, resulting in new livelihood opportunities.

Gas will be provided to 160 villages in the province’s poorest districts, and thirty thousand annual electricity connections will be provided as part of the package. The package also includes plans to improve the electricity transmission system, which will reduce line losses and outages.

Education reforms are also included in the Sindh package, with the ratio of higher education being increased to 52% and the teacher-student ratio being reduced to 1:20 for better education. In addition, fourteen passport offices will be upgraded.

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