Monday, April 15, 2024

PM Imran Khan Directs SBP and NBP to Facilitate Housing Loan Applicants

Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to ease housing loan terms so that people can take full advantage of the government’s flagship Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP) to build their homes.

“I instruct Governor State Bank Reza Baqir and President National Bank Arif Usmani… that banks provide ease to house loan seekers,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday while virtually attending the NAB’s telethon on low-cost housing loans. After testing positive for Covid-19 on March 21, the PM was put under home quarantine.

Mr. Khan pledged that the government would prioritize widows and people with disabilities while introducing the housing program.

Several callers complained about the lengthy and difficult method of applying for and receiving home loans under the government’s mortgage lending scheme during the telethon.

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