Saturday, May 25, 2024

PM Imran Khan offers Live Debate with India’s Narendra Modi

PM Imran Khan, who is scheduled to visit Russia on February 23, emphasised the importance of discussion in resolving the Russia-Ukraine situation, saying that the ongoing crisis between the two nations has had a worldwide impact.

The prime minister told Russian media ahead of his planned visit that he believes that resolving issues by war is a foolish move, and that any confrontation between the two countries will have a detrimental impact on developing countries.

“This has already had an impact, with gasoline prices skyrocketing,” he said, adding that Ukraine is a global supplier of wheat, and the rising conflict will have an influence on global markets.

The prime minister also demanded that Iran’s sanctions be lifted.

When asked about his country’s relations with India, the prime minister stated that soon after assuming power, his government publicly welcomed India for talks. He said, “I offer to arrange a live debate with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about rising hostility in India.”

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