Monday, May 20, 2024

PM Imran Khan reduces petrol prices by Rs 10/ litre

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that in his address to the nation today, he intends to emphasise national policy as well as the growing global scenario.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised a significant drop in fuel and diesel prices of up to Rs10 per litre, as well as a reduction in electricity tariffs of up to Rs5 per unit.

“We have resolved not to raise gasoline and power costs until the next budget.” The stipend for deserving individuals under the Ehsaas [poverty alleviation] programme has been enhanced from Rs12,000 to Rs14,000.”

“The federal government would provide 2.6 million scholarships with Rs38 billion in funding.” Scholarships will be provided based on merit, and objections will be heard through the web.”

“The federal government exempts all freelancers and IT enterprises from paying any taxes.” The IT sector receives a complete exemption from foreign exchange movement.”

“A capital gain tax exemption of 100% has been granted to an IT startup.” Tomorrow, an announcement on a package for the industry sector would be made in Lahore. Overseas Pakistanis will also benefit from tax breaks for investing in Pakistan.”

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