Sunday, April 21, 2024

PM Imran Khan’s Salary is Rs 196,000’ unveiled First Time Ever

The salary of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been officially unveiled for the first time, according to the sources. According to Pay Slip, The salary that the PM received is Rs. 196,000.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is earning  less than other federal ministers in his cabinet, his salary slip shows.

  • Rs. 107,280 in terms of basic salary,
  • Rs. 50,000 as a sumptuary allowance,
  • Rs. 21,456 in ad hoc relief allowance,
  • Rs. 12,110 in ad hoc allowance under 2011 contract
  • Ad hoc relief of Rs. 10,728.

This sums up to be a gross salary amount of Rs. 201,574, which further reduces to Rs. 196,979 after tax and other deductions.

‘I live in my own home, pay my own expenses. My [official] salary is not enough to cover the costs of my household’, PM Imran Khan said.

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