Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PM’s Home Loan Scheme Benefits 7500 Underprivileged Families

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s low-income housing financing proposal is coming to fruition, with Rs 3.35 billion disbursed for the construction of 7572 units across the country.

The government has committed Rs 5 billion to promote the Prime Minister’s aim of assisting low-income groups in building their own homes. The government had enlisted the help of Akhuwat, a well-known group that already operated a large network of interest-free loans.

A total of Rs 3.35 billion has been disbursed under the scheme for the building of 7572 dwelling units across the country. The disbursed money has a 100% recovery rate, and the recovered funds are being used to support more applicants, with another 2,416 applications awaiting clearance.

Most of the project’s beneficiaries were low-income households who could not afford to build their own home.

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