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PNY Trainings expanding its network by opening 4th Branch in Iqbal Town Lahore

Inauguration Ceremony

PNY Trainings Iqbal Town Branch opened its doors for the first time on 5th February 2022. The public was invited to celebrate the occasion and to experience the grand ambiance of learning. The grand opening included free workshops and competitions for our youngsters and was enshrined by great personalities.

Mr. Qasim Ali Shah (Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer) dignified the event with his presence, He also said “PNY Trainings is doing really great in equipping youngsters with skills and IT Trainings and wished great luck for the coming years”.

The Grand opening also included the inauguration of PNY Genius, a new project of PNY Trainings, this project is for little champs under the age of 15 to make them learn the basics of new technology hovering around the world.

The new branch is a result of utmost dedication and efforts of Mr. Wahab Yunus towards advanced trainings and money-making skills of every field that falls in the domain of learning because PNY Trainings is providing 100 plus courses.

Mr. Wahab Yunus (CEO PNY Group of Companies) said “The motto of PNY Group of Companies is to provide the Youth of Pakistan everything they deserve in the form of advanced trainings, money-making skills and opportunities to earn, we will ensure everything in coming years by expanding our network more”.

The new branch of PNY Trainings along with PNY PINK and PNY Genius is located in Iqbal Town Lahore with a variety of diplomas and courses. Which is providing surplus of opportunities and great learning environment to people.

PNY Trainings expanding networks

PNY Trainings opened its 4th branch in Iqbal Town, Lahore the motive is to provide easy excess of money-making skills to everyone. The success of previous branches is benchmark to be achieved through this branch as well. The Iqbal Town branch aims to encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and responsible digital engagement among learners. The Arfa Tower, IT Tower and Johar Town branches equipped thousands of students with skills and employed them in different sectors, now is the turn of PNY Trainings 4th branch in Iqbal Town, Lahore. 

PNY Trainings Projects

PNY Trainings doesn’t only aim at the youngsters but also Females and kids in our society for which PNY Trainings has sub projects named PNY PINK and PNY Genius respectively.

PNY PINK is a project for Females of our society in which they are equipped with all money-making skills, which they can do from the comfort of their homes and through office-based environment. PNY PINK has courses from Makeup, grooming and cooking\baking courses to advanced digital skills courses including everything one can think of.

PNY Genius is also a project of PNY Trainings which aims at the skills development of kids and make them Little Champions. PNY Genius is offering specialized courses for kids, age between 7 years to 15 years. PNY Genius is offering Basic to Pro training Courses and Workshops to make them Employable and Contribute to Economic Growth. There are numerous courses PNY Genius is offering to students and they can opt from them based on their preferences.

Courses of PNY Trainings in Iqbal Town

PNY Trainings is bringing all of its 100 plus courses to its Iqbal Town, Lahore branch as well, which includes Certified Short courses, One Year and 6 Months Diplomas & many more. They offering,

1. Certified Courses in Digital Media Marketing

2. Certified Courses of Amazon and its advanced marketing

3. Certified Courses in Development

4. Certified Courses in Art and Design

5. Certified Courses in Business and Account

6. Certified Courses in Cyber Security and Networking

7. Certified Courses in Multimedia & Video Editing

8. Certified Courses in Language & Communication Skills

9. Certified Courses in IT & Software

10. Certified Courses in Ecommerce Marketing

PNY Trainings has vast opportunities of learning and flourishing, so come and join to excel in your career. For Details Please visit Website www.pnytrainings.com.

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