Sunday, April 14, 2024

Popular Youtuber Irfan Junejo makes a comeback

Irfan Junejo, one of Pakistan’s most prominent YouTubers with a 1.11 million follower base, has posted a video discussing the demands of success and the worry that comes with it.

He claimed that this was his attempt to figure out who he is and needed time to do it. He goes on to explain in his newest video, “How NOT to Get a Million Subscribers,” that “I’m not saying I’m leaving Youtube or that I’ll never make a video again,” but that he will only do vlogs “if his heart demands it.”

Previously, the popular vlogger took a 17-month break from YouTube, stating that he would put his mental health over his desire to post vlogs.

He went on to say that vlogs are no longer his main focus in life and that his anxiousness has caused him to suffer from chronic insomnia. He admitted that his mental health problems were so serious that he would hide in the bathroom to cry so that his family wouldn’t notice. “I simply wanted the world to leave me alone or for me to leave the world alone,” Junejo admitted.

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