Friday, April 19, 2024

Post- Mortem Report Reveals Elephant Noor Jehan’s Legs Were Broken

According to reports, the results of the postmortem examination have confirmed that Noor Jehan, the African elephant who recently passed away at Karachi Zoo, had been paralyzed for the past four months, and her back legs were broken.

The report has also indicated that Noor Jehan did not receive proper and timely treatment and care, which resulted in her inability to lift the weight of her body.

Officials have announced that a detailed post-mortem report will be released soon, shedding more light on the circumstances that led to Noor Jehan’s tragic demise.

The 17-year-old elephant had undergone emergency treatment for a tumor in Karachi on April 5 but sadly collapsed just a few days later. The news of her passing has left many animal lovers heartbroken and has raised concerns about the treatment and care of animals in captivity.

Under the care of international experts, Noor Jehan, the African elephant at Karachi Zoo, received treatment for her serious health complications.

In addition, a team from Four Paws, an animal welfare organization, visited her during this time. Unfortunately, while showing initial signs of recovery, Noor Jehan fell into a pond at the zoo.

It’s worth noting that there were four African elephants in captivity in Karachi, all of whom are siblings. Among them were three female elephants, including Noor Jehan and Madhubala, who were kept at the Karachi Zoo.

The other two, Malika and Sonu, were housed at the Safari Park. All four elephants were brought to Pakistan in 2009.

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