Sunday, July 14, 2024

Prankster ‘Nadir Ali’ in Hot Water for Asking Actress About Converting from Christianity to Islam

YouTuber Nadir Ali is facing a lot of negative comments on social media because of his rude and nosy questions during a podcast interview with model Sunita Marshall.Ali made Marshall feel uncomfortable by asking personal and sensitive questions about her religious beliefs, even though it’s a very delicate topic.

Marshall, who is a Christian and married to a Muslim actor named Hassan Ahmed, politely said that she has no plans to change her religion. But Ali didn’t stop there and said, “I hope God guides you to the right path,” which made people criticize him even more.

People on social media and famous people are criticizing Ali’s actions. They are saying that talking about faith and religious choices on a show is not right because it’s personal and sensitive. Many people are supporting Marshall and saying that Ali is just trying to create controversy with his rude questions.

Actor Nadia Afghan said that Ali’s behavior is very bad, and model Mathira said that she is disappointed and embarrassed by what the host did.

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