Monday, October 2, 2023

Price of Milk per Liter Increased to Rs 230 in Karachi City

According to the details, the dairy farmers mafia continues in Karachi, the orders of the Commissioner Karachi were once again blown in the air, and the prices of milk were automatically increased by Rs 20 per liter.

Commissioner Karachi has fixed the official price of milk at Rs 180 per liter; however, milk was already being sold at Rs 210 per liter in the city, now after the announcement of an increase of Rs 20 per liter, milk is being sold up to Rs 230 per liter.

Citizens say that the administration has no control over the prices of milk, the milk vendors increase the price of milk on their own. Dairy farmers say that commissioner Karachi is not serious about milk prices, during the last three weeks, two meetings will be convened on milk prices, but commissioner Karachi remained absent.

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