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Prime Minister’s Youth Programme: Igniting Dreams & Empowering Futures of Pakistan’s Youth

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme (PMYP) burst into action in 2013 with a fiery determination to uplift the youth of Pakistan and ignite a brighter future for the nation. As we celebrate its 10th year in 2023, the PMYP continues to blaze a trail, supporting and empowering young people on their journey to success!

This dynamic program was born from conversations with young minds and visionary leaders, and it encompasses four mighty pillars: Education, Employment, Engagement, and Environment. No one is left behind as the PMYP focuses on giving opportunities to those who may face barriers, including girls, people from diverse backgrounds, and those with disabilities.

In the Employment arena, the PMYP has fueled over 105,000 young entrepreneurs with loans, sparking the creation of countless job opportunities. The fire doesn’t stop there! A grand plan is brewing to ignite job prospects for a staggering two million young people. A scorching contest offers young innovators a chance to win funding and support for their blazing ideas to change the world.

The Education flames have trained nearly 400,000 young minds in essential skills, setting them ablaze with knowledge and expertise. Laptops have been distributed like wildfire, empowering students to embrace the digital age. The program’s fervor to uplift girls is palpable, as it seeks to provide them with the same roaring opportunities as their male counterparts.

In the Engagement sector, the PMYP sparks excitement with fiery sports events that ignite passion and camaraderie among young athletes. A blazing website and app serve as beacons, guiding young souls towards their dreams. The Environment initiative, known as the Green Youth Movement (GYM), kindles a passion for eco-consciousness. This blazing team collaborates with universities to fan the flames of innovation and find sizzling solutions for a greener planet.

Apart from this, in 2023, the PMYP unleashed new incendiary plans to fire up young entrepreneurs in technology, igniting their startups for success. A roaring inferno of training programs is set to equip countless young talents with the hottest, most sought-after skills for top-notch jobs. The PMYP roars with ambition, seeking to set the stage for Pakistan’s young generation to shine not only within their borders but also on the global stage. The flames of sports, women empowerment, and agricultural development intensify, igniting hope and prosperity for all.

The PMYP has ignited the passions of countless young Pakistanis, providing them with education, opportunities, and a pathway to greatness. With its fervent blaze and audacious plans, this program burns with the unyielding commitment to create a brighter and better Pakistan for every young soul. Together, we will ignite the future and set the world ablaze with our talents!

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