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Projector Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Projectors with Specifications

You have to figure out your required one among several types of projectors just by knowing their features. Major feature includes its connectivity way, resolution capability and display type. If you are planning to set up an entertainment cinema at home or if you want to have a projector for the office and school, then this article will help you to select the best projector according to your requirement.

Companies like Xiaomi, Optoma, Viewsonic, and EPSON offer high-end projectors that offer high technical specifications. Consider things like resolution, ease to use, contrast ratio, wireless projection and projection technology while buying a projector. Majorly projectors are used for multimedia teaching, home cinema, event coverage, presentations and presenting visuals. They are in demand from small to large business offices, social organizations and commercial sites.

Following are some high-quality projectors along with their features and specifications:

1. Ricoh PJ S2440 Projector

It is affordable easily and quite compact. This amazing projector is best suitable for classrooms and meeting rooms. It offers two HDMI ports and flexible connectivity. It also includes one that supports MHL. You can also mirror your devices like cell phones directly to the projector.

Ricoh PJ S2440 Projector


  • Ideal for corporate meetings
  • Also used for teaching in classrooms
  • Image resolution is sharp
  • Lamp life is up to 5000h
  • Lightweight at 2.6 k.
  • It has a distinctive design
  • It has a high contrast ratio that is 10000:1


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Light source LEDPresent
Brightness3,000lm (10000:1)
Image resolution5000h

2. Acer K138STi 800 Lumens Projector

If you want to give the best presentation, you are recommended this one projector that, is Acer K138sti. For showing the best videos on wider screens. This is the best idea for expressing amazingly.

Acer K138STi 800 Lumens Projector


  • A portable projector can go wherever you go, and it will help you everywhere.
  • You can use it efficiently even if you are on a road trip.
  • Its model is quite slim at 1″ (24.5 mm).


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Model1″ (24.5 mm)
Code of productK138STi

3. Acer Multimedia Projector X118H

It has a quite easy setup. It works best for official usage. The connectivity options are also flexible.

Acer Multimedia Projector X11


  • Lumens are about 3600
  • Connectivity is HDMI.
  • USB is allowed to be connected.
  • It comes with a card warranty


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Code of productK13STi

4. Ricoh Projector PJ X2440v

It is the latest projector, offering a wide range of connectivity options. It supports an MHL connection and two HDMI ports that can be connected. This is quick to set up and quite easy to use.

Ricoh Projector PJ X2440v


  • Image resolution is quite sharp, almost up to 5000h level of lamp-life
  • Lightweight and compact up to 2.6kg.
  • High contrast ratio is shown up to 10000:1
  • It is ideal for official usage and teaching purposes.
  • Perfect for corporate meeting rooms and classrooms


ConnectivityMobile devices
The contrast ratio is up to10000:1

5. ViewSonic Projector PA503S

For extra-ordinary visual performance, this projector ViewSonic PA503S is used. For small businesses, classroom teachings and meetings, this works best. This projector comes with a guarantee.

ViewSonic Projector PA503S


  • It has a power-off auto setting.
  • This has 5 color modes.
  • It offers a contrast ratio of 22,000:1.
  • It is packed with 3500 lumens of brightness.


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Ratio of contrast22000:1
Code of productK138STi

6. Sony Projector VPL-DX221

It is an easy-to-use and efficient projector for meeting rooms and classrooms. The picture quality is excellent kind of. Video is much visible. Ownership cost is also low.

Sony Projector VPL-DX221


  • Resolution of XGA kind is present for crisp presentations.
  • Clear and bright images having lumens up to 2800 colors are present.
  • It is quite stylish, compact and light in weight.
  • It runs with recent technology.


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Colour lumens2800

7. Optoma Lumens S336 4000 Projector

For vibrant bright presentations, this projector is perfect. It is well designed for classrooms and meeting rooms. It reflects amazing colors. This projector offers some energy saving, long lamp life and vibrant colors features.

Optoma Lumens S336 4000 Projector


  • About 203 lamp watts are used.
  • The brightness of lumens is up to 4000
  • The aspect ratio is quite compatible that is 16:9
  • Resolution is about 600 into 800 (SVGA)


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Code of productS336
Lamp watts203

8. ViewSonic ANSI Lumens PA503SB 3800 SVGA

To improve presentation quality and for impressive visuals, these projectors work best. It works ideally for small businesses. Numerous color modes are also being offered by it.


  • About 5 kinds of color modes are being offered.
  • It has a vertical keystone.
  • The technology installed is of ‘super color.’
  • The contrast ratio is about 22000 to 1
  • Auto power off mode is present.


power offAuto
ConnectivityMobile devices
Code of productPA503SB

9. ViewSonic Projector M1+_G2 Smart LED Portable

It is an award-winning product. Being an ultra-portable projector, this LED delivers an entertaining, enjoyable, and convenient experience wherever it goes. LED light source and a built-in battery are also present.

ViewSonic Projector M1+_G2 Smart LED Portable


  • Integrated speakers of Harman Kardon.
  • Advanced level of an LED light source having a 30,000-hour long life span.
  • Smart stand of 360° which offers ceiling projection.
  • Smart connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth both
Code of productM1+ G2
LED life span30,000-hours long

Price of Projectors in Pakistan

Product name Price in Pakistan
Ricoh PJ Projector S2440  Rs 42,800
Acer Lumens K138STi 800 ProjectorRs 46,500
Acer Multimedia X118H ProjectorRs 51,999
Ricoh Projector PJ X2440Rs 55,500
ViewSonic Projector PA503SRs 66,499
Sony Projector VPL-DX221Rs 67,300
ViewSonic ANSI Lumens PA503SB 3800SVGA Business Projector  Rs 69,499
Optoma Lumens S336 4000 ProjectorRs 69,499
ViewSonic Portable Projector Smart LED  Rs 69,999
Acer Lumens X1126AH 4000 ProjectorRs 71,999


Projectors are always in high demand in Pakistan. Projectors must be connected with numerous devices and formats, so it is preferred to have one with VGA, USB, HDMI, and display ports for efficient functionality. Home connection types are backward or cross by using an adapter for better productivity at offices. A high-resolution number is required for a large or widescreen projector for a bright and high-definition content display.

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